Alexandre Boechat

Born in 1970, from Itaperuna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Graduated in Advertising at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, he worked in several areas of digital artistic production until he established himself as editor and director of video and cinema.

There are almost thirty years of experience, working in countless commercial campaigns for the biggest clients and agencies in Brazil, TV shows, video clips, as well as fiction and documentary works.

Among the outstanding works are Landau 66, a short film by Fernando Sanches, awarded as best short film editing at the Brasília Festival of Brazilian Cinema in 2008 and the films The Hour and The Turn of Augusto Matraga, by Vinicius Coimbra (winner of the 2011 Rio Festival and nominated as Best Editing at the Grand Prix of Brazilian Cinema in 2016) and Freedom Station, directed by Caito Ortiz.

In addition to the editing work, he was one of the directors and writers of the series 100 Years of the Brazilian Soccer National Team (2014), produced for the National Geographic Channel and documentaries 1976 – The Year of the Corinthian Invasion (2016) and Neither Heads Nor Tails — The History of Sao Paulo Futebol Clube (2018).

Founding member of AMC-SP, Association of Film Editors
of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Landau 66, directed by Fernando Sanches

  • ⭐ Best Short Film Editing Award at the Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema, 2008


The Hour and The Turn of Augusto Matraga, directed by Vinicius Coimbra

  • ⭐ Nominated for the best film editing at the Brazilian Cinema Award, 2016.


1976 – The Year of the Corinthian Invasion, direction and script (with Ricardo Aidar) and editing (with Caio Rodriguez)

  • ⭐ 2nd Place at Cinefoot - Football Film Festival, 2016



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